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$49.99Per Month

25 mbs packages are available across Ontario

Download up to 500 GB of data

24/7/365 Customer Service

Doesn't tie up your phone line

Choice of speed to suit your needs

Kawartha Wireless Shaw Direct

4G Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet in Kawartha Lakes doesn’t get more reliable than this – that’s the power of a 4G network. Thanks to Xplornet, you now get more speed, more bandwidth and more choice.

National Satellite Plan

We now are offering 25mbs speeds across Ontario

A proud member of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network – EORN

Kawartha Wireless is a member of the EORN initiative, helping provide higher speeds and bandwidth to at least 95% of homes and businesses in Eastern Ontario. In association with Xplornet, we have been providing satellite Internet services at always improving pricing for Eastern Ontario customers, such as in Kawartha Lakes and adjoining municipalities.

→ Click here to learn more about EORN

4G Fixed Wireless Network

Get the fastest and most reliable service possible with our 4G Fixed Wireless Network. This network provides over 4 times the capacity per tower compared to the previous generation network!

If you’re looking for strong speeds, bandwidth and reliability – then this 4G network is for you.

National LTE Plan

Download to your heart’s delight

Our Xplornet 4G Internet packages offer monthly bandwidth allowances as high as 500 GB every month! And what can you do with that?

Stream 90 full-length movies

Download 10, 480 high quality photos

Listen to internet radio 12 hours a day

Best Service in Kawartha Lakes

In Kawartha Lakes, our experienced technicians will come to your property to set up your new 4G Internet connection.

No need to worry – Kawartha Wireless, in association with Xplornet, offers a 30-day Money-back Guarantee and 24/7/365 customer support for all Internet services! Kawartha internet is that easy.

Kawartha Wireless High Speed Internet

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